Orpho is the quintessential charismatic, spoiled hero wannabe who has the final say in anything the group does. He speaks with authority and zeal that all too often slips into whining or a smug jeer. Having grown up with no real threats, he is ignorantly fearless. When real harm is introduced, he becomes a clueless, sniveling mess unable to hold his own.


Gale Ponytail excels at luring favor and making any given thing about herself. She is outwardly sweet, yet inwardly greedy and vile, with only a thin line in between. She isn’t afraid to be loud, and often earns the attention she’s given through valid points and preparedness. She is the child who anticipates, which makes surprises her undoing. Her tone is calculated, and can spiral in all sorts of emotional directions when she isn’t getting her way.


Leveret is the tallest of the children, and the only one who lives on her own, Leveret is always looking for opportunities to get farther in life. She has a superior demeanor that’s often ignored by the others, and tries to get ahead with stubborn effort. To her, every interaction is a competition, and she isn’t satisfied until she wins, making most of life rather unsatisfying. With a bratty undertone and haughty attitude, she voices a great range of snooty, begrudging antics.


Pumpkin Kid is recognized by his signature ‘Tahaha!’ laugh. If there’s something to be made fun of, he’ll be sure to take a jab at it, whether it’s clever, appropriate, or not. As a doted on younger sibling, he’s used to getting away with causing trouble, and is fueled by the attention of others, good and bad attention equally rewarding. In key moments of rejection, he sobs uncontrollably.


Cupper Dup is a sweet, soft-spoken girl, but don't let that fool you! She's got a smart little head on her shoulders, and an awful lot of heart! Always going out of her way to laugh at her brother's worst jokes and be a good friend, though if an adventure starts getting too dangerous, she might think it best to return home for the day!


Pogey No-Leg has perpetually labored breath due to the hard limp owed to his peg leg. He is usually quiet, but values the few opportunities he takes to participate with the others. Due to his slowness, he’s used to being ostracized as the others lack the patience to let him keep up. 


Mommy Zelle is the uppity captain keeping the house a tight ship. She’s smart and cunning, having lived an adventurous life and connived her way into a relaxing retirement. This pressure of feeling smart creates a rift between her desire for deserved retirement and the certainty that for something to be done right she must do it herself. Her tone is huffy while sharing qualities of a classic mom.


Your Dad has taken the mantle of man of the house, which means fumbling to keep up with Mommy Zelle’s lead. Father to everyone and no one, he enjoys fun, basking, and getting carried away with a fun task when he should be doing work. Though doughy and often caught by surprise, he also happens to be the best singer in the West Patch!


The Tamber is a mysterious hermit with curt speech and inquisitive vocalizations. He has a subtlety to his silence that makes his few words speak volumes, and his relationship to the family, though fond, has an unclear past. When he does speak, one thing is clear; he’s the wisest man in all the West Patch.


Terrence is a fantastical wizard whose important mission is to save the world and everyone in it! With such an incredibly pivitol role in society, it is understandable that he prioritizes it over most things and doesn't always have time to visit the West Patch. He's making a better world. That's important. More important. The most important.