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The Wonders of the West Patch!

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Ruins are a trademark feature of the Patch. Speckled all across the rolling hills, craters, and valleys are the funniest sorts of things. Little half-walls and slanty towers, all full of holes and hiding the most wonderful surprises! It's fun to explore empty things and see what fascinating fun has been left behind! The West Patch's runes are all stone-made, primarily defensive structures meant for fortification some long time ago.

What kind of ruins are in the area you live, and what sort of stories do they tell? Is there anything empty that used to have people in it, or are there structures so fantastical that people come to your land from far away just to see it? Maybe someday your home will be an empty ruin! Then people can find it and take the things you've left behind for themselves. What fun!


Birds of the West Patch - from Episode 1:


Waddler             Bobble Comb            Chirper                Grump Goblin

You can find each of these bird varieties if you watch Episode 1, "Melting, Melting, Melting!", of The West Patch animated web series! Have you spotted all four? Take a look and keep a careful eye out!

The Beach is a fun and beautiful setting to explore! Everyone loves sunshine and sand. If people could learn to navigate through water like a fish, it would be even more adventurous! But nobody can do that, so let's keep out of the water unless we've got a boat!

As you've surely experienced at your own beaches, the caves are the best part. Going out to see which ones have opened up and which ones have closed their lids is a fun way to make each visit to the beach unique from the last! What sorts of things have you found in your beach caves? Anything splendid? Anything that growls? Have your caves ever spoke to you? It's always an adventure at the beach!

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More to come!

More interesting corners of the West Patch world are always being revealed, so be sure to check back after each episode as we continue to catalogue the new things we find! In the meantime, go out into your own patch and find out what there is to discover and explore! It's a funderfull world out there with lots to see and nothing to stop you!


The Meta-Narrative

Firstly, it's a collection of books!


Perhaps a distant mountain has winked at you, or maybe you've come across a creek that doesn't babble. With strange encounters such as these, you might have found your way into the West Patch! Inhabited by the lovable children who live there, the West Patch is the subject of famed author Julia Padilly's imaginative writings, which have made their way into countless homes over the course of her lifetime. Now that she's passed, her daughter Marguerite hopes to continue her mother's legacy by sharing her mother's works with the world!

Secondly, it's an animated series!

With the unfortunate passing of famed author Julia Padilly, a new opportunity arose to continue to spread the joy of the West Patch through the world! Marguerite has joined with the Keith Publishing Company to take new, never-before-released stories from Padilly's unpublished works and adapt them to the screen! In a celebratory mini-series, the West Patch will come to life as it has truly never been seen before!


Thirdly, its...


...all made up. It's satire. The people, the books, none of it existed as we're presenting it - there was never a woman, and nobody grew up on these tales. But it will exist now. The books are being written and the mini-series is being produced full-swing because sometimes a story doesn't start with a 'once upon a time', and when it doesn't, you've got to take it upon yourself to make a charming beginning anyway. Because if it hasn't got a charming beginning, the part where the hero falls won't be nearly as meaningful. That's why we're re-writing the beginning so that people have all loved Padilly for a very long time. To make it more meaningful. And because it's so much more fun this way.

We invite you to explore the site regardless as there's an awfully lot to see and even do! Enjoy your stay, and see you next time!