Who Are We?

       Hannah & Rachel Mangan are twin sisters with a drive to create meaningful stories. With backgrounds in animation and screenwriting respectively, together they make the perfect production team. Hannah has experience in industry animation studios, with work seen on Netflix, HBO, and Apple TV+, while Rachel has indie film experience working features and shorts. For East Patch projects, they share every aspect of production from storyboarding, writing, editing, background art, all the way through direction, comp, and editing.


Why Retro Animation?

       We have the technology to make animation clean and shiny, sure, but in addition to the fun we have researching different styles, there's also an artful cheapness to old animation. They did marvelous things on shoe-string budgets, and it's a beautiful way for us to tell deep, rich stories with a razor-thin team and no full-time income.

       There are also a lot of inherent moods with old animation that are easy to draw from - the charm of simpler times, the eeriness of aged degradation, the enthralling beauty of painterly backdrops. This, along with lower frame rates, is the reason we want to be retro. The limited toolset is a unique and empowering challenge!

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