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       When you support indie creators, you're supporting an entire network of talent that's rising out of the most unexpected places. Patrons have covered our website hosting fees, which helps us reach more voice actors with our casting calls whether they're career podcasters like The West Patch's Narrator or first timers getting their debut opportunity like Friend Frances in Angel Hare. Ko-fi contributors helped fund our music score for The West Patch, which was commissioned by a music instructor in Africa. We make sure every donation goes towards more projects, more people, and more supported talent in the rough and tumble creative industry. 
       Plus, those who support us get behind the scenes content and occasional gifts in the mail! What's not to love? Join our support family today!

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Our Merch is at-cost!

       We're not here to profit off of our merch - we just love making things! We buy our own stuff just so we can have it around the house. Because of this, we keep our profit margins at the bare minimum. We make less than a dollar off of each of our Teespring listings so that our merch can be as low-cost to our fans as possible. 

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