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Our artists were made for each other - literally! Twins Rachel and Hannah Mangan create the heads of writing and animation that helm the West Patch and keep it on course! Rachel has a master's in screenwriting while Hannah has a bachelor's in animation, both with backgrounds in fine art and graphic design. With unmatched synergy and endless creative drive, no one is better fit for the task!


So how is the work divided? Both share the burden of background art and clean-up, as well as the broader strokes of world-building when it comes to adapting Padilly's work to the screen, but Rachel tackles the finer points of dialogue and story structure while Hannah creates the rough animation and composition upon which the final image is made! With this tandem of talent, Keith Publishing and the Padilly family both feel the West Patch is in good hands!




BRUCE HENNIGAR as Pogey No-Leg! 

Professionally equipped and with astute sensitivity in tone, Bruce can laugh, cry, and everything in between. You can find him at his website for your own voice-acting needs!

GREG GIDNEY as The Tamber! 

Delightful to work with and operating out of a professional home studio, Greg is light-hearted and takes direction well! His voice's natural grit lent itself perfectly to the mysterious Tamber, and he can be found on fiverr!



Budding actor and rigorous perfectionist, Jordan took direction and voiced a truly dedicated, sincere House!

MARLON DUNN as Terrence, the Magic Dad!

Marlon was funny, personable, and naturally captured Magic Dad's exhaustive energy! He has his own website, and can be found on twitter and instagram!


GHASTLY DIPPER as Pumpkin Kid! 

Dip can laugh and cry like nobody's business! With that perfect Pumpkin Kid flair, they were fun to work with and easy to direct! You can find them on twitter, hear them on youtube, or see them on instagram!

ANNA BECK as Leveret!

Anna is a joy to direct with a nuanced performance that can adapt on a dime! She has the perfect amount of confident snark for tomboy Leveret, and you can share the love by following her twitter!


CLARE LOUGHRAN as Mommy Zelle!

Clare is fun, versatile, and really brought the character to life with a highly animate-able performance! If you want more Clare in your life, you can listen to her Into The Disney Vault Podcast, see her on tiktok, or follow her instagram!

ADAM WOOLLEY as the Narrator!

Voicing a storyteller that will follow our friends through every adventure, Adam has the range and flexibility to narrate the West Patch's darkest and brightest days! Listen for yourself at!


MIKE DENT as Next Time!

Mike is personable and energetic! He takes direction well and brought the perfect voice to end each episode on. He can be found at twitter, and on youtube!


In addition to being wonderful to work with, John's got a professional studio, a voice made for cartoons, and a steampunk band! You can find him on his website and listen to his band, too!



The perfect love-to-hate it voice for our favorite unctuous protagonist, Roger was a lot of fun to work with and can whine and laugh with the best of them!

He can be found at JollyRogerGamer on twitter!

SHISHISHIENA as Gale Ponytail!

Absolutely delightful and voicing the diva of the West Patch, Shishishiena brings Gale to life with a voice perfect for animation! Listen for yourself on her website or youtube channel, and even follow her on twitter if you fancy!


Have you heard one of our video promos advertising the adaptation of the books to animation? Then you heard the great Matt Lonzi lending his audio charisma to our cause! To recruit him yourself, find him at

Have you heard our theme song? It was composed and sung by Matt Davies! Matt is on fiverr if you ever get the song out of your head, and you can find his band's music here as well!



Keith Publishing Company, owned by Giles Keith, is renowned for its large collection of children-aimed properties! Having known Marguerite in her youth, it seemed a natural solution that the two should team up for the creation of this lovingly crafted children's series! Trusting the future of her mother's story to the company, Giles quickly decided it was a matter of utmost import to make sure the author's unpublished works not only saw the light of day, but did so in spectacular fashion! With a trove of unreleased stories, Marguerite was helpful in condensing the whistful tales into one riveting mini-series!

The head writer for The West Patch has a master's in screenwriting and a long-standing fondness for Padilly's previous work, a perfect fit for capturing the fanciful tone of the patch's paracosm! 

The head animator for The West Patch has a bachelor's in animation and has worked on several shows seen both online and on network television! Having grown up on the Padilly stories since a child, a special devotion will be put into making the animated series a loyal adaptation in both action and design!

The rest of the company's dedicated staff are making a quick transition from books to the screen! From graphic design to brainstorming in the boardroom, this tight-knit team is made up of people who love a good story before all else!

Keith Publishing Company invites you to explore the rest of the site, immerse yourself in the world, and remember that memory is only as good as the happy thoughts you keep.