Web-Series Episodes

Episode 1 - "Melting, Melting, Melting!" - Complete!
The residents of the West Patch awake to a beautiful spring that promises delight and diligence! Join the children as they prepare for the year's first hunt, if we can round them all up!

Episode 2 - "Magical Discovery!" - In Progress!
Halfway through as of writing this, Episode 2 has scratch audio, and the art and animation is being worked on! Next up will be sound effects and post-production. Subscribe to our Patreon for more in-depth updates!

Episode 3 - TBA - Written, Recorded!
This episode has been written and lines have been recorded. Next step is storyboards, and then onto animation!

Other episodes at this stage:

Episode 4 - "A Birthday Surprise!"

Episode 5 - "A House for A House!"

Episode 6 - "Sonny’s Not-So-Sunny day!"

Episode 7 - "An All-Around Adventure!"

Episode 8 - "Quite a Fight!"

Episode 9 - "Making Little Helpers!"

Episode 10 - Finale: "Delightful Day Indeed!"